Fast Hive is an industry leading, privately held Internet services company specializing in web hosting.

Since our inception, we have been driven to succeed in everything we do from deploying one of the most advanced hosting server networks to providing the most cost convenient premium hosting solutions and more. It has been this relentless pursuit of success that we have been able to develop quite an extensive list of unique hosting network infrastructures and custom solutions which power our service platform.

Our custom built, designed and managed network located in Montreal is one of the most powerful networks dedicated solely to free hosting in the world. We have developed a reputation for our ability to host hundreds of thousands of clients on our specially designed, cluster-based GRID network.

We have developed a wide range of Internet solutions including...

Domain Names

Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Virtual Private Servers

And much more both available and in the kettle!

We have a friendly, accessible team of what we like to call "Technology Agnostic" engineers, support professionals, business developers and more based all around the world focused on the continued market and technological success of our company while adding value to our services to benefit our users, clients and customers.

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